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Hi-de-Hi from Gladys

The Algarveans production of Hi-de-Hi, directed by Jenny Grainer, will be performed at the Lagoa Auditorium on October, 18, 19 and 20 at 8.30pm.

Here is a message from Chief Yellow Coat Gladys Pugh:

“Hi-de-Hi campers, this is Gladys Pugh, your holiday camp sports organiser and I’m bringing my Yellow Coats with me to the Lagoa Auditorium in October to cheer you all up. I expect you need it with all that sunshine to contend with.

I’m also bringin’ our manager Mr Jeffrey Fairclough with us. He’s a university professor with a posh education and I’m just a poor girl from the Welsh valleys – still I’ve got my expectations – and who knows what a bit of the romantic Algarve’s magic will do for us? A girl’s got a right to dream you know.

With us will be our lovely comedian Ted Bovis, along with them snooty ballroom dancers and I haven’t forgotten our Peggy the chalet maid. She’s got aspirations to be a Yellow Coat (over my dead body); she’s got no talent that one, she’s only good for cleanin’, just like that Sylvia. Wouldn’t she just like to get her claws into my Jeffrey.

Well must go – gotta lot of packin’ to do. Don’t forget now to book your tickets – I expect they’ll be goin’ like hot cakes now you know we’re on our way. Hi-de-Hi and see you soon.”

Tickets cost €12 for adults and €6 for students and can be reserved by calling 282 789 608 or email [email protected]