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Hi-de-Hi Campers in the Algarve

We are on our way and will be with you soon at the Auditorium in Lagoa where The Algarveans Experimental Theatre Group has arranged for us to come and be with you from October 18 to October 20 with our stage play of Hi – de – Hi.

Gladys Pugh and her yellow coats with Peggy Ollenrenshaw the cleaner, will be bringing along all your favourite Holiday Camp entertainers very soon.

Come and join characters like Ted the comedian with Spike his side kick, Fred Quilly, our resident horseman, along with miserable puppet man Mr Partridge and of course we won’t be forgetting  Jeffrey our entertainments manager.

It will all be just as it was in the 70s TV sitcom written by Jimmy Perry and of course the late, great, David Croft who wrote all the best comedy shows. So come along and shout Ho – de – Ho whenever we shout Hi -de – Hi and have a good old fashioned laugh with us. If you want to book tickets then contact us – they cost €12 for adults and students just €6 .

For ticket reservations contact 282 789 608 or email [email protected].

Pantomime Auditions

Although still in rehearsal for their autumn production of Hi – de – Hi in October, The Algarveans Experimental Theatre Group are already forging ahead with plans for 2013.

The annual pantomime to be held in February 2013 at the Lagoa Auditorium has been chosen and auditions for parts in Robinson Crusoe will be held on September 23 at 2.30pm in the Cine Silves building at the back of the football stadium in Silves.

Anyone who has ever dreamt of becoming a Pantomime Dame, Principal Boy or Girl or any other fantasy character is invited to come along and try out for a part.

Children, teenagers, mums, dads and grandparents are all welcome to join in the fun of this very British form of  traditional entertainment and even all enthusiastic beginners will be given a chance.

If you don’t want to go on the stage you can help make scenery, costumes or just paint the finished props. Join in the fun and social life of being an Algarvean.

For further details, please contact: 917 684 969 or email: [email protected].