Heroic struggle sees firefighters bring 17-year-old back from brink

A 17-year-old discovered unconscious in an Albufeira swimming pool was “brought back from the brink” after firefighters worked on reanimating him for an incredible hour and 20 minutes.

The youth’s state of health after he was transported to Faro Hospital in a “grave condition” is reserved for family members, reports tabloid Correio da Manhã, giving Albufeira fire chief António Zua Coelho one of its daily “thumbs up”.

The boy was discovered by friends in the pool at 5.30am on Monday morning.

Says the paper, his initial rescuers pulled him out of the water and began basic life support until the firefighters’ arrived.

INEM emergency staff also responded, with “continual reanimation efforts” shared between the two services.

According to the paper, the youth’s nationality is Belgian.

Once he was brought back to life, he was “immediately transported by ambulance” to Faro, remaining in what CM calls “a very grave condition”.

How the youth came to be in the pool at such an early hour of the morning, and what led him to become unconscious are all details that will now be under investigation.

The incident occurred in a private property on Travessa Jornal Notícias de Albufeira.

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