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New challenges and new choices! Opened in 2004, ACOQ’s goal has always been to be different and better.

With more than 30 years of experience, we are always ready for new achievements and challenges. Over the last few years, we have accumulated information on the Local Accommodation market and will be expanding our areas of intervention into Investment Consultancy and Specific Consultancy for Taxation for Investment in Real Estate.

We felt that during the pandemic many businesses and individual property investors were unable to keep their properties and activity for several reasons that could be prevented. More than ever, it is important to understand how to cope with the tax system and how to reap as many benefits as possible to grow one’s business. A businessperson will know how to create and manage all operations and production on their business.

When it comes to accounting and taxes, working together with our clients is essential to developing their business. The complexity of our tax system and the increase of the fast response in a middle of a pandemic made it crucial to showcase what our area of expertise can do for your business/company.

The same can be said for protecting your investments (financial or real estate). Do you know how taxes can impact the profitability of your investments? Selling a property, especially when the market “looks” good, without knowing what taxes you will have to pay is dangerous and can lead to problems.

Specialising in Accounting, Tax Consultancy, Fiscal Representation, and Management Consultancy, ACOQ has been supporting corporate and individual clients from many different activities. From Tourism to Agriculture our approach does not change. Each client is different, and we believe in individual solutions to different challenges!

Challenge us and learn how to succeed!

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