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Here ya go …

LEGENDARY ROCKERS Whitesnake are back on the road and the group recently gave a sold out concert at Lisbon’s Coliseu dos Recreios. David Coverdale, the band’s lead singer, gave The Resident’s Caroline Cunha this interview, a couple of hours prior to the show.

The Resident: Does Portugal hold special memories for you? I believe you wrote one of Whitesnake’s albums here ….

David Coverdale: Yes! I wrote quite a lot of the Saints & Sinners album here, in Carvoeiro in the Algarve. Particularly, Here I Go Again and Crying In The Rain … both songs I’ll be singing tonight.

T.R: Are you enjoying being back on the road again?

D.C: Yes, very much! I am not as crazy offstage as I was at another time in my life, but I seem to be getting a little crazier ON stage! I’m having more fun than it’s legal to have!

T.R: Are you excited about playing in Lisbon? The Coliseu is a great venue.

D.C: Yes, but I shall have to tell you about the venue tomorrow … I am just about to leave for the show!

T.R: Do you plan to go out partying in the capital after your show?

D.C: I don’t plan, I go with the flow. But I partied in the streets of Lisbon on Saint António’s night with Doug (guitarist from Whitesnake). It was a lot of fun! You guys are crazy!

T.R: What song/songs do you most enjoy performing live?

D.C: Too difficult a question …. I am happy to sing most of my songs. There are some that don’t mean the same to me anymore; they are not me anymore, so I cannot pretend to enjoy them – so I don’t sing them ….

T.R: Have you had a good response to the new album and DVD? (Whitesnake recently released a new greatest hits CD, entitled The Definitive Collection, and their first DVD, Live … In the Still of the Night).

D.C: Yes, incredible! We are very happy with it!

T.R: By coincidence, Deep Purple are performing in Portugal next month, in Faro (Algarve), at the annual motorbike festival taking place from July 20-23. Are you in still in touch with the group from your days as the lead singer?

D.C: No, I have no connection with them anymore, or them with me, and that’s fine. I wish them well. I have good memories from my time with Purple and always will have .…