‘Here We Are’ exhibition opens at Faro Museum

The Algarve Artists Network (AAN) is hosting a new exhibition entitled ‘Here We Are’ in the ancient cloisters of Faro Museum between Saturday, August 5 and Sunday, October 8.

Thirteen artists are contributing two works each, including paintings and sculptures.

Taking part are: Liz Allen, BJ Boulter, Silvia Cavelti, Vera Christians, Jessica Dunn, Brigitte von Humboldt, Peter de Jong, Lotti Klink, Nada Mandelbaum, Jutta Mertens-Kammler, Claus von Oertzen, Jill Stott and Henryka Woerle.

“The light, the landscape, the people, and the sheer physical and creatively liberating joy of living in the Algarve are the inspiration for the exhibition,” says the group.

AAN is a network of professional artists based in the Algarve which supports members through the exchange of ideas and skills.

The network has had many group exhibitions across the region since it formed in 2006 and also organises cultural trips, talks and workshops.