Here come the pet set.jpg

Here come the pet set

An airline catering exclusively to animal passengers takes to the skies in July with a promise to make air travel “everything the domestic pet could want”.

The first Pet Airways flight will depart July 14 from a small airport outside New York and fly to Washington, Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles.

Airline founder Alysa Binder said: “Pet Airways was created to provide a safe and comfortable solution for the transport of pets.”

She added: “Inspiration for the concept came from difficulties encountered when shipping Zoe, our Jack Russell Terrier, across the country.”

Flights, which will cost 149 dollars each way, will be on a modified Beechcraft 1900.

The plane usually carries 19 human passengers but will be modified to cater for 50 cats and dogs.

“There will be two pilots and a pet attendant. Everything is done for the safety and comfort of the pets,” Binder said.

Cats and dogs won’t actually get seats. They’ll travel in kennels stacked on custom-made shelves.