Hennessy’s where life begins

news: Hennessy’s where life begins

THE RESIDENT went along to Hennessy’s to find out why so many people talk about the bar being more than a meeting place…maybe a way of life. We arrived at about 10.30pm, shortly before the evening’s Irish group started to play, and the place was hustling and bustling with clientele. The band soon got the drinkers into the mood. We spoke to Peter from Bath in the UK, who said he had been coming to Lisbon on business for the last seven years about 20 times a year. He liked Hennessy’s because they were able to retain their staff. So, on arrival, when he sees a friendly face, he knows he can strike up a conversation. “That’s what I need when I’m away from home. I’m a Guinness and Cider drinker, so where better to get it than at my friendly local away from home?”

We then spoke to Jorge, a local Portuguese businessman who goes to Hennessy’s at least once a day. He said. “You do not see many friendly faces in Portuguese bars. The food and service are second-to-none, so why go elsewhere? I enjoy Hennessy’s and so do many of my friends.”

Next time you are in Lisbon, near Cais do Sodré, visit Hennessy’s Irish Pub. It may well become your way of life…B.H.