Henna tattoo scars boy

A four-year-old boy was left with a permanent flower-shaped scar after having a henna tattoo while on holiday in Lagos.

According to reports from the UK, Charlie Latimer begged his parents for the temporary tattoo as they walked past a henna tattooist on a street in Lagos.

When the family returned to England on August 29, the tattoo began to blister and bleed, leading Charlie to be rushed to hospital, he was then given a course of antibiotics.

He now has been left with a two-inch scar on his bicep, which doctors have said could remain for the rest of his life.

Henna tattoos, made from a natural plant extract, are a popular holiday treat for many children and are only meant to be temporary and fade after ten days.

It has been suggested that some artists mix henna with cheap hair dye, called paraphenylenediamine, which can burn the skin.

His mother, Katie Latimer, a writer from Bath, said she had ‘terrible guilt’ for allowing her son to have the temporary tattoo.