Aerial view of one of the villas Sandy Blue has in its rentals portfolio

Helping villa owners thrive in uncertain times

Text by SandyBlue

As the leading villa rental specialist in the Algarve, the team at SandyBlue have certainly had many hurdles to overcome throughout the pandemic. However, we’ve always believed in a positive mindset, which has helped us power through these difficult times.

We want this positivity to inspire our villa owner partners too, so that they can continue to thrive and see great returns in their villa rental income. We ensure this by keeping them up to date with all developments and trends we see in the market. So, what are these rising trends from the last 12 months?

Longer Stays
Having introduced SandyBlue ‘Longer Stays’ in April 2020, we have seen a huge increase in interest from our guests wanting to extend their Algarve villa holiday. We wanted owners to benefit from this, as Longer Stays guarantees a steady stream of revenue and tapping into this market will only attract more guests. To keep owners at even more ease, we will liaise with guests for the whole stay – a unique ‘Longer Stays’ feature that takes all the pressure off the owners.

Luxury Experiences
The Algarve’s luxury villa rentals space is becoming a significant trend in our industry. The luxury market has certainly reinvented itself and the rise of the ‘super luxury’ villa continues. With well-known celebrities flocking to the Algarve, the villas they choose to stay at definitely get plenty of attention. For property owners with luxury properties in the Algarve who have not yet jumped into the villa rental space, now is the time. We tap into our extensive business partnerships too, so that owners can offer luxury experiences at their villas.

Attracting new markets
While the UK and Ireland are big markets for Algarve tourism, our marketing efforts mean that more guests in Portugal and Europe are enquiring about a SandyBlue villa holiday.

This increased interest keeps us positive and hopeful for a fantastic summer ahead!

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Aerial view of one of the villas Sandy Blue has in its rentals portfolio

View of the façade one of the villas Sandy Blue has in its rentals portfolio

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