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Helping build a charitable future

TO CELEBRATE The Resident’s 18th anniversary on November 6, 2007, we are inviting all Algarve based charitable organisations to apply to be considered for The Resident’s Charity of 2007.

If you are a local charitable organisation in the Algarve, we would like to help keep your candle burning and, during the course of next year, will be organising various events to raise funds for our chosen charity.

All submissions will be considered by an independent panel comprising a lawyer, a Resident reader and a high profile person from the Algarve community.

The successful charity will be decided by January 22, 2007 and announced in The Resident’s January 26, 2007 edition.

In your application, either by e-mail or fax, The Resident will need to know the aims and objectives of your charity, current projects, plans for the future and the number of children, people or animals you care for and, lastly,  why The Resident should choose your charity to become The Resident’s Charity of 2007.

Even if you are not chosen, your efforts will not be in vain as a précis of all submissions received will be published in The Resident during the first quarter of next year, which will enable all readers to become more aware of the charitable work you do in Portugal.

Submissions must be received at The Resident offices in Lagoa no later than December 24, 2006.

Submissions should be addressed to Sheena Rawcliffe and e-mailed to [email protected] or faxed to 282 342 939.