Helpful MEP

Dear Editor,

I would like to take issue with the views expressed in your recent article “What does your MEP do for you?” (The Resident edition of May 23).  I have no knowledge of any MEPs, apart from our local representative, Jamila Madeira.

For the last eight months, we have been fighting against the possible building of a car crushing plant – right next door to our house in beautiful, unspoilt Mesquita Baixa.

The development started last September, without permission, and was stopped by the Câmara four times. In the end, to our horror, the Câmara gave permission for “perimeter walls and levelling” – but not for a building.

The developers, who we discovered had formed a company for the express purpose of car crushing, were not pleased with us, and we suffered quite a lot of intimidation.  It is our opinion that these developers are only waiting for the fuss to die down, before they apply for a licence for the plant itself.

We have contacted all relevant government agencies, environmental agencies, and of course, have been in touch with the Câmara all along. There is tremendous support for our actions, and those of our neighbours. One of the most accessible and helpful people we have contacted for help has been Jamila Madeira.

Not once have we not received a reply to a letter or email, never are our telephone calls not returned. Not only that, but Sra Madeira has made considerable efforts on our behalf and we have a high opinion of her, and her colleague at the Faro office.

We are long time residents of Portugal, love the country and its people and want only to live in peace, along with our eight rescued dogs and three rescued cats.



São Bras de Alportel

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