Help Zoomarine name its new adorable baby sea lion

Guia theme park Zoomarine is calling for help to choose a name for its new baby sea lion, born just a few minutes after midnight on June 11.

The adorable California sea lion pup is already “delighting those who meet it,” Zoomarine says.

“And due to its agility and friendliness, it will soon become one of Zoomarine’s biggest stars,” the theme park adds.

The female pup was born to ‘Mia’, a six-year-old female, and ‘Pancho’, a 14-year-old male.
Says Zoomarine: “During a year marked by the pandemic, it is these little joys that give us hope for a more positive and inspiring future.”

Now, the time has come to give it a name. There are six options to choose from: Calie; Hope; Leia; Maré; or Sushi.

You can vote on Zoomarine’s Facebook page (click here).

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