Help the homeless in the Algarve

Sleeping bag and welfare package 2023 Christmas fundraiser – €25 donation = 1 sleeping bag

The days may be filled with sunshine, but nights are now starting to draw in and overnight temperatures dropping. Please spare a thought for the homeless men and women who have no option but to sleep on the streets.

A small team of volunteers are wanting to provide a sleeping bag to the homeless this Christmas.

“Through contact with active homeless associations across the Algarve (Lagos–Tavira), we already have 200 sleeping bag requests, with this anticipated to increase when we hear back from all associations involved,” said volunteer Eve Clifton.

“In 2021, we delivered 159 bags and welfare packages. This year, due to demand, our primary goal is to distribute a sleeping bag to everyone in need. If we have excess funds to enable everyone to also get a welfare package, then that would be a bonus!


How you can help:

  • Financial support – cash/paypal/bank transfer to enable us to purchase suitable sleeping bags – compact, >1 kg weight (to ensure warmth) – on average €25 per bag.
  • Donate – buy suitable sleeping bag(s) or provide excellent quality second-hand ones and deliver them to us for distribution.

How companies can help:

  • As above, or consider sponsoring the bulk purchase of other essential items for the welfare packages – e.g. 200 fleece lined hats, gloves, etc.

For more information and how to donate, contact Eve Clifton – email [email protected] or call 932 755 866.