Help provide information for people retiring to Portugal

Age Concern, the UK’s largest charity working with and for older people, is seeking feedback from British residents in Portugal.

As part of its Older People Residing Abroad programme, the charity hopes to produce information sheets on the countries most popular with UK retirees, including Portugal.

The purpose is to enable potential retirees abroad to make as informed a decision as possible, as well as be prepared for all kinds of eventualities, thereby avoiding some of the tragic cases we’ve heard of concerning elderly people who have retired abroad.

In order to ensure the sheets are as accurate as possible Age Concern needs information from a wide range of UK nationals who are long-term residents of Portugal, including especially those who have retired there.

There are two questionnaires – if you would like to share your general experience of living abroad‚ complete the short version but if you have expert knowledge of living abroad there is a long questionnaire.

For further information, please visit then follow the links Information and Advice, Living abroad and then Living Abroad questionnaire.