Help needed as Monchique strives to set Guinness World Record for largest crochet blanket

Volunteers from Espiral de Vontades association in Monchique are calling for more people to help them achieve their goal of setting a Guinness World Record for the world’s largest crochet blanket and displaying it at the top of Fóia (click here).

As the Resident reported last year, the association needs help to knit ‘rosetas’ – crochet squares with a flower design in the centre. To make the blanket and set a new record, an impressive amount of 112,250 are needed.

Since the project was unveiled, the association has already been able to collect 18,000 ‘rosetas’. But the number is still way below what is needed.

That is why Espiral de Vontades wants anyone interested in helping to contribute by either knitting ‘rosetas’ or donating wool.

“Anyone can participate,” says Luísa Martins, head of the association. “If you don’t know how to knit rosetas, you can come into our shop and learn. But we also have a lot of people who know how to knit but cannot afford the wool. So, people can also help by buying wool and donating it.”

The project started before the devastating fires of last summer and is helping to bring colour and life back to Monchique as well as keeping the art of crochet alive in the borough.

As Luísa Martins told us last year: “This project is bringing joy to the borough. Some of the people who were affected by the fires no longer have their farms to look after; they are not living their normal lives. But making these ‘rosetas’ is giving them something to do, occupying their time and encouraging them to meet with other people.”

The association’s charity shop is located on Rua Bernardino Moreira (no.19), the street located behind the town’s taxi square.

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