Help in the search for Madeleine

Dear Editor,

I think you should write a story asking everyone to search their neighbours’ property.

Madeleine has to be held captive in someone’s house. Almost all of Portugal homes have cellars. So let’s find her. We should work together to try to find Madeleine. If she was no longer with us then surely she would have been found.

Let everyone prove their innocence and locate those who are guilty of her kidnap. So let’s ask everyone to open their doors and have their home searched. We might find many more missing children in the process.

At least put the idea to the general public and have an online vote. 

Those who have nothing to hide will embrace the idea, and the guilty will panic.

Statistics have shown that abducted children who have been found were located in or near the area they were taken from.

Elaine (Full name and address withheld)