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Help for residents

A new service to help residents in the municipality of Olhão to report issues affecting them has been launched.

The online service A Minha Rua (My Street) has been created to encourage residents to report problems and make suggestions to the Câmara, including issues relating to access for people with reduced mobility, maintenance of public lighting, cleaning of public spaces, abandoned animals, litter collection and noise pollution.

The service is a nationwide initiative, with Faro Câmara already being part of A Minha Rua while there are plans to extend it to other municipalities across the country.

A spokesman for Olhão Câmara said: “This virtual space has been designed to allow residents to communicate with the Câmara and we promise to answer questions quickly and without bureaucracy.”

For further information about the project or to register a suggestion or complaint please visit (only available in Portuguese).