Help for Aljezur abandoned dogs

Help for Aljezur abandoned dogs

As a visitor from England to Aljezur, I have become increasingly aware of the amount of abandoned dogs in the area. They are cared for by the câmara and a local vet, Dr. Vasco Reis, who clean their housing and provide food and water. But the dogs are in need of further help and practical support. The priority is to home them, so they can receive individual attention with caring human companionship. Also, their current housing conditions need to be renovated and in a safe environment. These orphans of Aljezur need your help. They are friendly and loving animals that look forward to the company of humans.

We can’t make it better for every single animal suffering in the world, but we can do something, however small, to help. In my experience, a plea for support to the better-known international agencies can fall on deaf ears. They simply advise you to write to the powers-that-be (i.e. the governments of the respective countries) and offer nothing in the way of financial or practical support.

It is for this reason that I’m writing, in the hope that animal lovers will come forward to help enhance the lives of these dogs. There are various ways you can assist and I have listed some of these below:

• Financial donation

• Adoption into a caring and loving home

• Walking a dog from time to time

• Helping to clean their housing or just spending some time with them

• Donating food (tinned or dry), blankets, towels or anything appropriate for ‘doggy needs’

• If you have skills such as building or any related trade and can spare some time, we could perhaps get together to make their housing more comfortable and habitable. There is sufficient ground to provide a sizeable and fenced romping area

• Also, any advice that you can give to improve the lives of these animals would be greatly appreciated

If you can help, please contact Dr. Vasco Reis on 282 998 544, 962 676 970, or email [email protected] You can also email me at [email protected]

Trish Roberts

By email