Help during hard times

British residents living in the Algarve are able to enjoy the sun, sea and lifestyle of the region but it is increasingly becoming a more difficult place to live in as financial situations worsen for many due to the global economic crisis.

Potential financial assistance for British and Irish passport holders who are over 18 years old and living on a low income with less than €5,000 in savings are able to be considered by a charitable organisation for financial help.

The Elizabeth Finn Care charity considers applications from people who have been employed in one of a wide range of qualifying occupations, from teachers, or executive officer Civil Servants to dentists or those who have a partner who has worked in a specific profession.

Bryan Clover from Elizabeth Finn Care said: “For many people we help, the dream they began their new life with has turned into a horrendous nightmare. For those who move abroad for a job or to set up a new business, contending not just with the weaker pound but the full might of the recession over the past few years has plunged them into poverty.”

He added: “So many people are struggling on in silence, feeling that it’s better than facing the stigma attached to asking for help. The time for a stiff upper lip has passed and we urge those in need to seek support immediately and without shame.  It is not a disgrace to ask for a helping hand.”

For further information about Elizabeth Finn Care, please visit www.elizabethfinncare.org.uk