Help clean the forests of Portugal

Groups across Portugal will be taking part in a nationwide scheme on March 20 to help clean the forest areas of the country.

Projecto Limpar Portugal (PLP) is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to the cleaning of Portugal.

The PLP uses volunteers to help promote environmental education and inform the public and private companies about environmental issues such as problems caused by littering and sustainable development while also helping to organise litter picking schemes.

Cleaning projects across the country are already taking place with the number of initiatives quadrupling in the past month.

The national coordinator of the PLP, Paulo Torres, believes that this is thanks to information about the project being sent to people via email that awareness has increased and so many clean ups are now occurring.

The initiative to clean the forests of Portugal will take place on March 20 and those interested in taking part need to register online. 

For further information about the project, please visit (only available in Portuguese).