Helicopter provides spectacle in Loulé

A striking red and yellow helicopter could be seen recently hoisting dozens of solar panels and large water tanks onto a property in the Ludo valley area of Loulé.

The operation, which was carried out in 18 minutes, was described as a success by the company in charge.

A spokesman from HTA Helicópteros said: “With the property situated less than five minutes as the helicopter flies to the helipad north of Loulé, the 30 minute fee was well worth it. The alternative would have been crane hire and scaffolding with many more man hours required, and certainly not as exciting for bystanders!”

First to be secured on the pre-prepared trailing hoist were 12 solar panels. These were deftly picked up and placed with perfect precision on the roof. The task was repeated with a further stack of solar panels.

“Slightly trickier were two large 1,500 litre hot water tanks, which were accurately lowered one at a time between two roofs and down into a basement plant room,” said the spokesman.