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Helicopter crash update

New Zealander Helen Tamaki has become the second person to die following a helicopter crash in New York City on October 4.

A spokesman from Bellevue Hospital in NYC confirmed that Helen Tamaki was pronounced dead on October 11 with the cause of her death being attributed to “complications of near drowning”.

Her friend, Briton Sonia Marra, died at the scene of the crash while Sonia’s mother Harriet Nicolson, who lives in the Algarve with her husband Paul, remains in a serious condition.

Paul Nicolson, who lives near Olhão and is a member of the Olhanense Expat Supporters Group, told Chris Wright from the group on Tuesday this week that his wife Harriet had regained consciousness but was having difficulties breathing.

She was due to have an operation to resolve the problem.

Investigators continue to look into the causes behind the crash.