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Heavy rains damage sand sculptures

Heavy rain over the past week has led to some of the sand sculptures at the FIESA International Sand Sculpture Festival, on the road between Algoz and Pêra, being damaged.

A spokesman for FIESA said: “Most of the sculptures withstood the heavy rains but some have been damaged, including an ostrich which lost its head and the prairie dog display.

“To build the sculptures we mix sand with water and then compress this and leave it to dry in the sun before the sculptures are made. This process makes the sculptures resistant to erosion for a number of months, however, adverse weather conditions can cause breakages as we have seen.”

The sculptures will now be repaired and continue to be part of the festival, which this year has the theme of the Animal Kingdom.

FIESA is open to the public daily from 10am, with tickets priced at €4.50 for children between six and 12, €8 for those over 12 and at €6.80 for pensioners. Children under six enter for free.

For further information, please call 969 459 259.