Heavy rain causes flooding of school canteen

TORRENTIAL RAIN caused the flooding of the kitchen and canteen at a primary school and nursery in Monchique on Monday, leaving 200 pupils without their school lunch.

Parents and families of the children living nearby were asked to collect their children at midday to have lunch at home. Those living some distance away from the centre of Monchique, whose transportation is provided by the câmara, were given a sandwich and a piece of fruit.

The pupils were served a hot lunch on Tuesday, although it had to prepared in another location as the kitchen at the school was still not in a condition to be used.

According to councillor António Mira, of Monchique Câmara, the problem at Escola Básica e Jardim-de-Infância de S. Pedro would be solved this week. The flooding of the canteen and kitchen had been caused by a blocked gutter.

The extreme weather on Monday across the Algarve left much of the Vila do Bispo area without electricity and water for most of the day.

Heavy rain and mist made driving conditions hazardous across the region.