Heatwave boosts admissions

Emergency admissions to Faro Hospital increased by a third early last week following the recent heatwave. The increase in admissions continued on Tuesday, but then fell back on Wednesday, according to the head of the emergency service, Jorge Salvador.

The emergency service usually receives an average of 250 people a day at this time of year, but, on Monday of last week, 350 people sought assistance. Salvador estimated that between one and two dozen people were still being treated in the hospital as of last Wednesday. Most of those admitted were elderly people with a history of illness, particularly respiratory and cardiac problems that are exacerbated by the heat. “But the situation soon reverted back to normal when the temperatures receded,” added Salvador.

In the paediatric unit of Faro Hospital, there was only a slight increase in patient admissions. “We are unable to confirm if it stems from the heat or from the increased volume of holidaymakers in the Algarve at this time of year,” the unit’s clinical director explained.