Heating your home and your swimming pool during the winter

Winter is finally here and heating our homes becomes a top priority.

Although there are a number of different solutions available in the market, SACL tells us that underfloor heating is something that homeowners are using more and more. With one of these water-based systems, a series of pipes are connected to a boiler circulating the hot water throughout the floor to heat the area. Alternatively the water pipes can also be connected to a solar heating system or a heat pump, to turn it into a more environment-friendly solution. And the silver lining is that, if you have a swimming pool, any excess heat can be taken to it to increase its temperature.

Truth be told, when we think of winter, a swimming pool isn’t necessarily the first thing that pops into our minds. However, if you have one, why not enjoy it also during this colder season? “The Angel Fire II heat pump is perfect for it”, says SACL. Developed to operate at maximum efficiency in extreme weather conditions – between -10°C and 40°C, this is an economic heat pump designed to fit any budget. “It offers high-performance and water pump control (for energy savings), with automatic defrost, vinyl-coated evaporator and fan grills, thermostat lock (to avoid tempering with temperatures) and it can be combined with a solar system”, they add.

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