Heartless mass-poisoning of Moncarapacho cats inflames animal lovers

Animal lovers are demanding justice after at least 14 cats were found dead, believed to have been poisoned, near the AlgarSuper area in Moncarapacho, Olhão yesterday (May 25).

Five were discovered in a supermarket rubbish bin, one of which has been described as ‘wearing a collar’.

Only one cat survived and is being nursed back to health.

Although the colony was fed by locals, it is common knowledge that some residents did not like it.

“When we recovered the bodies, we heard that it wasn’t the first time that this has happened. This was confirmed when we found a cat skull and remains of a tail near the bodies,” volunteer Nádia Sousa from animal association ADAPO has told the Resident.

Sousa said the colony was on a waiting list to be sterilised by the association, which due to financial constraints can only spay three animals per week.

GNR police are investigating, and alongside APAPO are encouraging ‘anyone with information’ to come forwards.

The remains have meantime been taken to the municipal kennels, where they will be autopsied.

Sousa added that this was the only feral cat colony in Moncarapacho that ADAPO was aware of. If anyone has information about other colonies that could now be in danger of a similar attack, they should get in touch:


289 790 010 (GNR Olhão)

[email protected]