Heartbroken Portuguese throws herself 2,700-feet from world’s tallest building

A heartbroken mother has revealed that her lovesick Portuguese daughter threw herself 2,700-feet from the world’s tallest building in Dubai last November, but that the tragedy was covered up due to reporting restrictions. South African Leona Sykes maintains her 39-year-old masseuse daughter Laura Nunes should not have been able to wriggle through security barriers on the 148th floor Burj Khalifa. Repeated requests for an explanation have gone unanswered, she claims.

Her daughter’s death appears to have taken place after a relationship with a wealthy businessman “turned sour”.

But Ms Sykes heartbreak has been exacerbated by the fear that vital pieces of her daughter’s life may have ‘gone missing’. The mobile phone, for example, found beside Ms Nunes’ body was without its SIM or memory card. The fact that her daughter fell on to the terrace of what would have been a packed restaurant at the time is also puzzling Ms Sykes. Why was nothing reported at the time?

According to the Daily Mail which carries the story in full, “public information is tightly controlled” in what it calls “the autocratic Emirate” and that could be another of the reasons why the company in charge of security at the 2,700 foot high Burj Khalifa has “refused” to respond to “repeated requests for information”.

Another twist to the bizarre story is that Ms Nunes had converted to Islam, adopting the Islamic name of Noora.

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