“Heartbreak parrot hostage ordeal” finally at an end

A bitter wrangle over a murdered grandmother’s parrot has finally been settled, with the so-called ‘parrot-nappers’ releasing the bird to the dead woman’s son after payment of “a substantial ransom”.

“The way these people have behaved beggar’s belief,” said Dean Davidson, who told us he had to pay €250 for the return of his murdered mother’s much-loved bird.

“I am going to try and recover the money through legal action,” he added.

The Resident played a part in the hostage negotiations. We asked the ‘napper’ Gilly Fischer whether it was really fair to put Dean through such stress, particularly after he had been left almost single-handed to sort out considerable confusion after the body of his 72-year-old mother, Brenda, was found buried under concrete in her back garden in Monte Canelas.

“Don’t try and bring that up all again,” Mrs Fischer said. “He is the son of a neighbour who we have been helping by looking after the bird. That’s as far as it goes.”

The story goes back to the traumatic time in January when Mrs Davidson’s body was found, her former partner arrested on suspicion of her murder and the couple’s many animals shared out among animal associations and willing helpers.
Gilly and Siegmar Fischer got the parrot – and refused to give her up when asked by Dean in April.

Consular officials, GNR police and the municipal vet became involved.

Now happily ensconced with Brenda’s greatest friend and former neighbour Júlia Freitas, the little bird is waiting for travel clearance so that she can be reunited with Dean and his family in UK.

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