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Heart warming story

Dear Editor,

We were on the Playa Verde (Isla Canela, Spain) on the day of the fire, travelling from Portugal to Spain in the middle of our holiday.

Everyone on the beach slowly noticed a huge mushroom of smoke rising into the sky and then drifting towards us.

We left when we started to smell the smoke, wondering how this fire could have started. Crossing the bridge into Spain, the smoke was still drifting after us and it did not disappear in the rear mirror for a long time as we headed towards Huelva.

Your story (Hero saves home of British couple, Algarve Resident, August 14) is a very heart-warming one and the man must have been very brave. I hope that it reflects good relations between the Brits and the Portuguese in the Algarve in general.

Best wishes to both communities trying to recover from the fire.

Joyce Bateman

York, UK