Hearing is your connection with the world

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Hearing is often taken for granted. It is one of our most important senses.

It allows babies to recognise their parents, it helps develop language abilities, to learn how to speak and to connect with the people you love.

Over time, this ability might decrease if you develop hearing loss. Hearing loss can be caused by various factors such as noise exposure, listening to loud music (particularly from a young age), work environment, diseases like ear infections or simply as a result of ageing.

We can say the ears are the door to the brain. Hearing will warn you in case of a threat and inform you of the call of a child or loved one; so, it is an essential survival sense.

Hearing is your connection with the world around you. Without this ability, your communication is jeopardised.

Hearing loss will make people avoid social events or situations where listening is required because you can hear but you can’t understand. There seems to be a gap in certain words and, sure enough, you start filling these gaps with letters you think are the most logical. Some people seem to mumble and don’t articulate well.

Your Portuguese class is getting more and more difficult as you can’t seem to pick up particular sounds or accents and you become frustrated. This is the time you need to think about taking a hearing test to understand what is happening.

This will give you an overview of the type of hearing loss you have, which frequencies you miss. Your next step is trying a hearing aid that will bring these frequencies back to the normal level. This allows you to regain control of the world around you and regain your social connections, without straining to focus as you try to follow conversations.

AudioCare allows you to try a hearing aid for two weeks, on a trial period, so you can experience for yourself how pleasant it is to be able to hear everything again.

Situated in Guia, AudioCare provides hearing aids with the latest technology and premium service, making them the best hearing care service in the Algarve.

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