Hear there, hear everywhere

“Why should I even bother with hearing aids? I’m retired and I find that most people mumble anyway, they don’t articulate.”

“We have heard this too many times…”, says Kate van Duijvenbode, Certified Audiologist and CEO of AudioCare. “Maybe there is an occasional Portuguese friend that doesn’t articulate well but that’s not the reason you misheard what was said. The main motive is that you have a hearing loss and there are certain words you can’t hear as clearly as you used to”, she adds.

Well, you’ve worked your whole life and you’ve chosen the Algarve to spend your retirement. It’s time to enjoy the beautiful weather alongside your partner and friends, see your grandchildren grow, socialise and meet new people. It’s time to sit at a table enjoying the Portuguese gastronomy with a nice glass of wine while talking to your favourite people, or to go play golf with some friends; enjoy a night out, or just relax on a sunny terrace sharing your stories. Isn’t that why you came here in the first place?

It’s time to appreciate life, lay back and hear again. Don’t let your hearing impairment make it difficult to enjoy these precious moments and live to the fullest. Talk to AudioCare if you want to learn more about your hearing and try out one of their hearing aids for two weeks, so you can experience the joy of hearing everything again.

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