Health service

Dear Editor,

I am glad Algarve hospitals coped well over the holidays (according to your story ‘Healthcare chaos’ in last week’s edition). Well done to all, for many countries do not cope, mainly because there is a concept that everything should go to a main hospital’s A&E and the demand (a result of austerity) means the system cannot cope.

Only major traumas have a place in A&E. Other ways need to be found, like upgrading some centres.

Unfortunately, Dr Nunes, the director, prefers only good news (PR), but in reality it is not like that; and here you can see why I will become one of those “name withheld” writers.

As old age has progressed, both my wife and I have had to use the Algarve medical services. They range from the good, could-do-better to the outright appalling/dangerous.

Unfortunately, Dr Nunes does not see this; especially in an English language paper.

If I had believed specialists here (Portimão) I would have been dead 10 years ago.

I am constantly grateful that a young doctor in a minor A&E at Penzance Cornwall spotted in seconds by observation what was really wrong and saved my life. Three hours later, I was in a large neuro unit awaiting surgery.

My wife was also misdiagnosed, two doctors here failing to read a T&C scan correctly. And today, in the village we live in, we have no doctor (normal). No one signed his contract or appointed another doctor? That, Dr. Nunes, is a management problem – and the response?