Health scan

Holistic fasting health retreat, Moinhos Velhos, is promoting a free introduction and demonstration of the Physiospect NLS Diagnostic machine at the Hotel Tivoli in Lagos this Sunday, March 15.

This machine, developed by Russian scientists, provides therapists with a way of scanning internal organs and systems of the physical body without the need for medical or surgical intrusion.

The Physiospect can measure the micro flora in different organs and will select remedies, both homeopathic and allopathic, as well as information on testing on various nutritional supplements.

The Physiospect also conducts a medical treatment called Meta-Therapy, whereby the body is repaired using a diversity of modulated electromagnetic waves, which restores an imbalanced system back to a healthy state. 

For more information, please contact Frank on 282 687 147/918 977 777 or visit the website, available in English, at