São Brás physiotherapy centre “will not close”

Health || São Brás physiotherapy centre “will not close”

The future of the south of Portugal’s only state-run physiotherapy unit is at the centre of a bitter wrangle between those who say it is at risk of closure and those who say it isn’t.
On one side we have the doctors’ association (Ordem dos Médicos) saying that São Brás de Alportel’s Centre of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is dogged by “deteriorating human and technical resources” – and on the other we have the Algarve’s ARS health authority saying it is hiring more health professionals to bolster the service up.
For those unaware, the centre is the only place in the Algarve where victims of serious accidents and limb-loss can learn to cope with their newfound disabilities.
It is the place where double-amputee mum “Pathy” Nascimento learnt to prepare for the new legs she received earlier this year (see Resident: https://www.portugalresident.com/brave-young-mum-battles-for-new-legs), and it is otherwise kept busy with a steady stream of neurological, rheumatic, orthopaedic, pulmonary and cardiovascular injuries.
“There is no risk of closure, nor is there a drop in the quality of the services provided at the centre,” ARS/Algarve stated this week after the doctors’ association went public with its fears.
ARS added that, in fact, it is “urgently” waiting for permission to hire even more health professionals.
According to the health authority, the centre’s current team includes three physiatrists, 18 nurses and other health professionals.
ARS added that while there was a “reduction” in the number of health professionals recently, the situation is “temporary” and the quality of the centre’s services “is not and never was at risk”.
If all goes according to plan, the centre should be running at optimum condition “very soon”, it added.