Health Minister seeks Chinese advice on bird flu

MINISTER FOR Health, Correia de Campos, is visiting Beijing on a fact-finding mission to learn how the Chinese authorities are dealing with bird flu. During his trip, Correia de Campos was due to hold meetings with, among others, his Chinese counterpart, Gao Qiang.

“This is an exploratory visit aimed at widening ties and finding out about the Chinese health sector. But the visit will also help us to learn what Beijing is doing to prevent the bird flu pandemic,” said a source from the ministry of health. The trip comes just after three new outbreaks of bird flu in China in the space of a week, leading to the slaughter of 5,620 birds.

Last year Portugal and China signed a five-year agreement to co-operate on health issues, embracing the prevention and control of transmissible illnesses and primary, maternity and child healthcare.