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Health Minister presents new hospital board in Algarve

Portugal’s Health Minister is in the Algarve this morning (March 11) to officially present the region’s new hospital board.

As already reported, ARS Algarve board member Joaquim Ramalho is the region’s new hospital boss, taking over from Pedro Nunes.

The new CHA board also includes radiologist Helena Leitão, pharmacist Maria Luciano, Portimão doctor Carlos Sousa and ARS Algarve’s head-nurse Nuno Murcho.

The board is being presented at Faro Hospital’s auditorium by Health Minister, Adalberto Fernandes, and Science, Technology and Superior Education Minister, Manuel Heitor.

The ministers will also be meeting with doctors and health professionals to discuss the future of the Algarve’s health management.

They are certainly hoping this new board will give the region’s unpopular CHA system a better name. Just last week, Adalberto Fernandes agreed it was a “failure” and an “example of everything that should not be done” (click here).

How CHA’s format will be changed is almost certain to be explained later today.

Also on the agenda is a meeting with the University of the Algarve’s rector António Branco to discuss the ‘Centro Académico de Medicina do Algarve’ (Algarve’s Academic Health Centre), a project that aims to bring together the region’s three hospitals (Lagos, Portimão and Faro) and the university.

Adalberto Fernandes is expected to visit the Algarve Municipalities Association (AMAL), while Manuel Heitor will go on to speak with local businesses and researchers at UAlg.

The Resident will update when more information becomes available.

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Photo: Health minister Adalberto Fernandes