President of the Administrative Council of Hospital de São João announcing his team's resignation yesterday

Health minister “maintains total confidence” in hospital administration after deadly fire

Health minister Marta Temido has refused to accept the block resignation by members of the administrative council of Porto’s Hospital de São João’s, following the explosive fire that killed one patient and injured a number of others, including hospital staff-.

The council’s reason for resigning was purely ‘ethical’: the hospital is under no suspicion over this tragedy (click here)

But Ms Temido said yesterday that she retains “total confidence” in those in charge – and their capacity to provide “the best health care to populations”.

What happened last Sunday was simply a terrible accident. The man who caused the fire is described today as a patient with brain cancer “which causes hallucinations”.

He was receiving oxygen at the moment he appears to have decided to light a cigarette – and the combination of both caused a violent explosion.

Today, three separate inquiries are running: one being handled by PJ judicial police; another by the hospital itself and a third by IGAI (the general health inspectorate).

Four patients received ‘serious burns’ in the fire, while as many as 18 healthcare personnel had to be treated in casualty for injuries suffered as they set about rescuing patients and clearing the affected department.

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