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Health insurance in Portugal for Expats

Text by Medal Seguros

Thanks to our experience and in-depth knowledge of the Portuguese market, we are able to offer unique and exclusive products that provide good value for money for all ages and nationalities.

It’s important to keep in mind that the market offers different options, but just a few solutions meet what an expat needs in terms of covers, limits of sum insured, etc.

For example, it is not easy to get an insurance policy in Portugal that undertakes all pre-existing medical conditions, but it is extremely important, otherwise they will all be automatically excluded in your new policy.

Before making a decision on a new insurance policy, we recommend you look closely at covers and limits of the sums insured for in-patient (hospitalisation, surgery) and out-patient (consultations/ exams/ treatments) care and confirm whether the insurance you’re taking provides cover for International Medical Assistance for serious illness and/or Second Medical Opinion, or even Travel Assistance.

It is also very important to double-check the co-payments values (amount that the client will have to pay for a medical procedure when using the insurance policy) inside and outside the Network of Hospitals and Clinics in order to avoid unpleasant surprises in case of hospitalisation, for instance.

When we talk about health insurance, we must have in mind how important the quality of the insurance policy is, but also the quality of the insurance broker and the knowledge they have of the policy conditions and how all the system works around the client (hospital/clinics and the insurance company). It is vital to assure the client that when they actually need to use the insurance policy, they will get a higher level of service than they expected and are paying for.

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As expats living in Portugal, we advise you to choose an insurance broker that guarantees a personalised service, with experienced staff to help you and clarify your questions and bureaucracy with the hospitals and clinics. Sometimes it’s necessary to obtain previous authorisations for exams or surgeries, and you’ll need to have the maximum assistance in all those moments.

At Medal, and as Portugal’s leading insurance brokers for expats, we offer our clients the service that meets their needs through our specialised health insurance department. And with our offices in Portimão, Almancil and Estoril, we are able to provide a personal service to all expats and our clients to suit their lifestyle.

For more information on health insurance and how it works in Portugal, just contact us.

Portimão: (+351) 282 430 800
Almancil: (+351) 289 351 000
Estoril: (+351) 210 523 130 |

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