Health Forum focuses on diabetes and excess weight

A Health Forum, in collaboration with healthcare providers Luzdoc, has been organised by foreign residents association afpop to take place on April 1 at Boavista Golf Clubhouse in Lagos. The first in the series of events under the banner “Talk about Health” will be on the subject of diabetes and excess weight.

The aim is to help people take care of their health, encouraging them to adopt a healthier lifestyle, motivating them to cooperate with their doctors for earlier detection, to prevent disease and promote good health.

More people in the so-called ‘developed’ world have diabetes than ever before. Routine screening is the only way to find out if this disease is quietly ruining your major organs. Controlling excess weight is fundamental in diabetes control.

The first part of the event will be on the subject of diabetes and excess weight, and will comprise four presentations on the general causes for diabetes, basic health care and prevention, nutritional advice and nursing care for diabetics.

The second half of the event will be an open forum, with a panel of general practitioners taking questions on any subject from the audience.

The event will commence at 2.30pm, with registration at 2pm. Entry is free but pre-booking is required as places are limited.

282 458 509 | [email protected]