Health centres on course to stop charging “taxas moderadoras”

A draft law coming up for discussion in parliament tomorrow (Friday) is almost certain to pave the way towards the abolition of ‘taxas moderadoras’ at ‘Centro de Saúde’ public health centres (see update).

Proposed by ‘government allies’ Bloco de Esquerda, it has the backing not only of the PS majority, but PSD (centre-right opposition) and PCP communists.

BE’s contention is that it makes no sense to charge for consultations or healthcare provided in the name of the SNS public health service.

Say reports, it’s a step in the party’s strategy to ensure truly ‘free’ healthcare.

The plan was initially designed to be discussed under the terms of the new Health Law, but it became an autonomous draft proposal, which will now be discussed in its generality (tomorrow, Friday June 14) before being discussed “in speciality” at a later date.


The draft law has been approved, with only MPs of the centre right CDS-PP voting against.

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