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Heads of Janus – beginnings and transitions

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‘Janus’, the Roman god, has two heads. One facing the past, the other the future. Thus, January was named after this Roman deity 300 years or more BC, representing change and movement. Also, guarding the gates of heaven.

We have inherited ‘pets’ throughout the thousands of years of their popularity both with Roman and modern-day households.

None of us really want to believe that our lives will end. After all, we are humans, therefore divine in some way. Indeed, as are our pets to us.

When we die, a will is in place, lodged with our solicitor or a friend, assets taken care of. Good. All done and dusted. But, what of our darling pets?

‘Fred’ the goldfish, ‘Mini’ the mouse, or ‘Terry’ the beloved little terrier dog. What about the cats? That is why we are sadly caught up in the “someone-will-look-after-them” syndrome.

APAA, the Association of Protection for Animals Algarve, perpetually try to rehome animals.

One dog called ‘Reiji’, a sad-eyed brown Collie, beautiful, obedient, loyal and disowned. “Pardon?” Yes. When his mistress died, he was found loyally guarding her. Renamed for linguistic reasons by Caroline England of Pet Park, he is now known as ‘Josh’, who is wondering what the ‘Janus’ is happening to him?

The same with three cats, Marmaduke, Puffy and Sootie. Originally, there were eight. Thankfully, five re-homed. Deep bereavement with the loss of family, those inheriting the home wish to sell the property. No problem! Except the three cats.

Janus, looking to the new year, prosperity, happiness. But not for three cats. What a dilemma!

These are just two totally different examples, but someone else will have to take the slack.

APAA’s Zélia Santos has her hands full with cat colonies already bursting at the seams. Enjoying pets whilst we are alive is one thing. But who will look after and cherish them after we have moved on?

If you found this sad, then APAA, through the Resident’s readership, can only ask – can you take some of the slack? Is there a small space for a well-looked after healthy, domesticated cat?

What about Josh? A loving dog, deserving a new master or mistress. Collies love playing, especially with children and ball-games. Always up for it.

We know Marmaduke, Puffy and Sootie deserve homes. For them, there may not be an alternative.

Huge paws for thought!

Re-homing: Jenny Clarke, [email protected]
Cat colonies: Zélia Santos, [email protected]
To donate:

APAA’s charity shops:
• Dunas Alvor Complex, 10.30am-2pm, Monday-Saturday
• Silves, Elias Garcias, 20, 10am-2pm, Monday-Friday

Birthday gifts, something different for the home and a lot more! Volunteers always welcome.

[email protected]



‘Marmaduke’ and ‘Puffy’

Marmaduke & Puffy

‘Reiji’, now ‘Josh’

‘Reiji’ Now ‘Josh’

Two-headed Roman god ‘Janus’