Headless body update

According to press reports, the mother of the teacher and actress, Maria Conceição, who went missing from Lagoa on December 23 last year, is to undergo a DNA test to determine whether the corpse that was found at the Centeanes beach in Carvoeiro recently, is that of her daughter. According to a police spokesperson, the teacher’s family members were taken to the morgue at Barlavento hospital to identify a foot, believed to have belonged to the corpse, that was recently found on Armação beach, still wearing a boot. “As soon as the family saw the foot, they felt that they couldn’t exclude the possibility that it may belong to their daughter,” the spokesperson revealed. Other attempts to identify the body have proved inconclusive due to its decomposed state and the fact that it doesn’t have a head. Family members revealed that Maria Conceição suffered from severe depression. She disappeared after driving off in a grey Volkswagen Golf, which has not been seen since.