Headless body of man discovered in Matosinhos

The body of a decapitated man has been found this morning in Matosinhos.

The alert went out shortly after 10am.

Investigators are still ‘on the ground’, in São Mamede de Infesta. Further news is expected shortly (see update below).

By grim coincidence this is not the first time a decapitation has been linked with Matosinhos.

In 2019 a woman’s head was found in a plastic bag on a beach in the borough (click here).

Painstaking investigations finally led police to discovering the woman’s identity (click here) – and indeed the people likely to have been responsible for her death (click here). But the duo were released on a technicality and appear to have fled the country (click here).

Today’s incident has not specified the possible nationality of the body.

Jornal de Notícias has reported that the man’s head appears to have been severed with a chain saw, which was discovered nearby.

In the case of the ‘woman’s head’, a body was never discovered. This new case suggests the head very possibly has been recovered. JN is also reporting an age for the victim, of “around 50”.

UPDATE: Subsequent reports have explained the decapitated body was discovered inside a car outside industrial premises in São Mamede de Infesta.

The chainsaw was found somewhere other than the car (but clearly close by), and the head was found on land described as belonging to a construction company.