Haven’t you taken the ‘tapas route’ yet?

Portimão’s 2013 Rota do Petisco (Tapas Route) has already been hailed a success by organisers even though the event still runs until October 13.

Since it started on September 6, the 70 restaurants and cafés that are participating in the initiative have already served a total of 45,000 tapas menus (averaging 2,700 a day), which represent a direct trade volume of around €110,000.

The concept of the Rota do Petisco is simple: you buy a “passport”, which is a guide to all the venues and their menus, and for as little as €2 or €2.50 per menu you can sample a variety of typical dishes, either savoury or sweet and accompanied by a drink, in the special ‘gastronomic route’ that covers Portimão, Alvor and Ferragudo venues.

But it’s not all about food, as the Rota do Petisco also includes a vast cultural programme with music, poetry, workshops and wine tasting all part of the entertainment.

Another special ‘ingredient’ is the fact by purchasing the Rota do Petisco passport, costing €1, you will be helping local charities.

So, get your most comfortable shoes on and prepare to take the route that is being travelled by so many foods lovers in the Algarve.