Have you always dreamed of making your own wine? Discover the Winemaker Experience!

Most of the population of this earth are avid admirers of the drink of the Gods.

Enjoying a glass of quality wine can play with anyone’s heartstrings, even for those who don’t indulge so often. But for the real passionate admirers we are sure that at some point they have thought “I wish I could make my own wine and tailor it towards my preferences”. This dream can now be turned into reality, now anyone who is passionate about drinking quality wine can become a wine- maker themselves!

On the southernmost coast of Portugal lies the Algarve region, known to many for its warm and pleasant climate, beautiful beaches, oceanic breeze and landscapes that soothe all the senses. Another noteworthy asset which has been gaining more attention recently is the beauty of the vineyards and the winemaking in this region. None more so than Quinta dos Vales, a wine estate which has earned over 100 awards for its outstanding wines. Apart from being a gorgeous resort with holiday villas available to rent and buy, now individuals can buy their own plot of vineyard and produce their very own wine! But don’t you need to be an expert to produce good wine? No, with the right support- system, a wine-lover can now become a wine-maker. In fact, anyone that wants to pursue this path will be involved in the decision-making process, but accompanied by experts, so the wine-lover can understand every step of the way. The team explains that one can be involved as much as one likes, whether in-person or remotely.


What is brilliant about this experience is that whoever wants to do this doesn’t have to be present to have their own winery. They can have all hands on deck without always being there themselves, and tailor their wine through communicating, selecting and making all the decisions. Even if they start by following all the expert’s recommendations, they can rely on the experienced team of Quinta dos Vales to ensure a high quality production of premium wine!


That raises the question: How much will they produce with one plot? The owner and team explain that the wine-maker will have enough for one barrel. Sounds too little? Actually, that comes to 300 bottles of wine per year. The number is perfectly designed with the idea to have enough – for any couple to consume through the year, give as a present to their family and friends, but also to keep a few bottles of wine for decades to come.

When it comes to the quality of the grapes, at the estate there are many international varieties but also some unique Portuguese ones, such as  Touriga Franca. This flexibility has attracted many wine-makers to either rent or buy plots. Even though the management explains that they intend to dedicate more of the vineyards to the winemaking experience, the numbers are growing steadily, even as we speak. The project was launched in 2017 and by the end of 2020, it boasted 7 private productions. And early 2021 the team decided to launch the marketing of the project, the results exceeded all expectations! At the time of writing this article, the number of private productions has already reached 25, all this in just over a year. This turned out to be a great hit that made this great leap of faith by the dedicated owners pay off. Impressive enough, they say that 10% of the overall production by Quinta dos Vales is now privately owned or rented. This means 7.800 out of 82.000 kg – a challenging number but not a problem for such a dedicated and passionate team of creatives.


The Winemaking Experience is all about the guidance provided by the experienced team. Not only will the wine-makers understand everything down to the last detail but through making decisions they will be able to produce an authentic & high-quality  wine. The management explicitly stated that they fully understand the necessity to guide them. When the participants are busy, they know they can rely on the on-site team to handle any of the challenges that come with working with a natural product. Their personal involement can be tailored to whatever extent the private wine-maker prefers. So basically, when a participant is busy or away, the team will take care of all of their duties. When they are present, they can work hands-on in their own winemaking. In essence, any way we put it, the winemakers will have their own premium wine with as much effort as they wish.

And it is possible to combine this experience with a holiday home, The Vines is a resort nestled in the heart of the vineyard in Algarve, available to rent or buy. This would allow a wine-lover to go out on their terrace, watch and observe their own plots, dreaming about how they will have their own branded high-quality wine. Plus, having one’s own wine

is a perfect conversation starter, right? These 16 houses at The Vines feature 32 suites that are designed with utmost care to provide calm, comfort and offer the best living conditions. Surrounded by landscapes of vineyards, great amenities, natural beauty and more than 300 days of sunshine, it is a dream come true.

To discover more about the Quinta dos Vales & The Winemaker Experience, visit their official website.