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Have the time of your life!

A PORTADA Theatre Group will be presenting

Alan Ayckbourn’s play, Time of

My Life, at Paderne’s Casa do Povo tonight

(April 28) and tomorrow night (April

29), and later at Loulé’s cinema on May 5

and 6, each performance starting at 8pm.

Time of My Life is set in Gerry Stratton’s

favourite restaurant, where he has organised

a small family dinner with his sons, Glyn

and Adam, to celebrate his wife Laura’s 54th

birthday. Glyn brings his long-suffering wife,

Stephanie, and Adam, his new girlfriend,

Maureen; both are eager to impress. The

occasion suggests a happy domestic

scene, but gradually family skeletons come

tumbling out of the closet. Glyn’s story

moves forward in time, Adam’s moves backwards,

while at the centre, Gerry and Laura

pick apart their marriage and recall first love.

Starring Nikki Moran, Tom Hardy, Simon

Tancott, Andrew Aston, Touche Smyth,

Marcia Meeuwissen and Dave McClellan,

tickets are 12 euros per person. To reserve

your place, call 289 367 073 for Paderne

and Loulé, or 289 400 600 for Loulé only.

Look out for the review of the first night in

next week’s edition of The Resident!