flamenco drum

Have fun at the beat of the flamenco drum

April 8 marks the beginning of the 3rd International Percussion Festival in Portimão, which will include everything from flamenco percussion and dance performances and workshops to marimba and timpani (percussion instruments) demonstrations.
It brings together national and international musicians, who will be presentig a show every day until April 13.
One of the highlights is the anticipated return of Pásion Flamenca, a Spanish flamenco group which first performed in the Algarve last year, and will now return to take to the stage at Portimão’s Tempo theatre.
Tickets are available but prices vary. The whole festival, including all workshops, concerts and demonstrations costs €130. Master classes and workshops costs €20 each – or €15 if three people sign up together. The Pásion Flamenca concert, on the other hand, costs €10 and will begin at 9pm on April 8. Discounts are available for students of the Music Academy of Lagos, the event’s main organiser, and for groups of over five people.
To sign up, contact:
282 082 782 | [email protected]
Full programme:
April 8
10am – Arruada (Jardim 1.º Dezembro | Alameda da República)
11am – Opening with Orquestra de Percussão da Academia (Alameda da República)
11.45am – Arruada (Alameda da República | Praça 1º de Maio)
14.30pm -17.30 – Drums Masterclass (with Eduardo Lopes), TEMPO – Pequeno auditório
21.30 – Concert with Pasión Flamenca, (TEMPO – Grande Auditório), Tickets €10,00
April 9
11am – 1pm – Workshop Flamenco Percurssion with Adrián Trujillo, (Casa Manuel Teixeira Gomes)
2.30pm – 4.30pm – Workshop Flamenco Dance by Pasión Flamenca, (TEMPO – Grande Auditório)
April 10
10am – 1pm – Drums Masterclass de Bateria (André Silva, (TEMPO – Black Box)
2.30pm – 5.30pm – Vibrafone Masterclass (Aldovino Munguambe), (Casa Manuel Teixeira Gomes)
9.30pm – Night of Mirambas. (Antiga Lota)
April 11
10am – 1pm – Traditional Portuguese Sweets Workshop (Tiago Rêgo), (Jardim 1.º Dezembro)
2.30pm – 5.30pm – Ethnic Percussion Workshop (Rafa Navarro), (Casa Manuel Teixeira Gomes)
9.30pm – Jazz with Aldovino Munguambe, Bruno Vítor e Tuniko Goulart , (Antiga Lota)
April 12
10am – 1pm – Batucada Workshop (Rafa Navarro), (Jardim 1.º de Dezembro)
2.30pm – Africian Percussion and Song Workshop (Tiago Rouxinol, Ana Costa (Yemadas), (Jardim 1.º de Dezembro)
9.30pm – Night of World Music Concert with Rafa Navarro, Vasco Ramalho, Ensemble de Marimbas da AML and Carolina Alcaraz, (Antiga Lota)
April 13
10am – 1pm – Marimba & Timpanos Masterclass (Carolina Alcaraz), (TEMPO – Black Box)
7pm – End of Festival Concert, (TEMPO – Grande Auditório)