Have a stress-free New Year!

NEW YEAR is a time when we all make resolutions – to lose weight, stop smoking, or reduce stress. Douglas Ballard, international medium and healer, returns to the Algarve from January 5 to 17 – if you feel that he cannot help you with any of those resolutions, think again.

Nowadays, far too many people suffer from stress, which, in turn, affects the rest of their lives. Stress puts pressure on relationships, has a negative impact on the quality of work, health and everything else. On his last visit in November, Douglas treated several people who were, as he says, “totally stressed out”. Each of them – men and women alike – came away feeling totally relaxed, much more balanced and better able to cope with the pressures of everyday life. “People do not seem to understand how much damage stress can do at a physical level, let alone mental and emotional levels,” says Douglas.

One of his clients in England came to see him initially because he had hurt his back while lifting shopping out of the boot of his car. Gary, usually a very active man, was reduced overnight to crawling from the bedroom to the bathroom to find painkillers. Sceptical, but in serious pain, he was persuaded by his wife, a regular client of Douglas, to book an appointment with him. After just one session, Gary was able to walk without pain and to get back to his sports – badminton and wake boarding! He has now become a regular client.

• Douglas will be holding private sessions in Almancil and Lagos. For further information, contact local organiser, Judy Sharp, on 966 108 605.